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For All Procrastinators

When next week seems like next month and the time to study or to finish that project seems ample and endless, and if – besides – you think there is always a tomorrow, you may be a real procrastinator.

Procrastination is, most of the time, not just a simple issue of bad planning or being lazy. It is not getting on with the task at hand. Full stop. Check out this Talk by a master procrastinator and laugh about how self-defeating procrastination really is.

How to Build Confidence with Skating

Standing on top of a ramp and diving into the skate bowl with your board requires a lot of confidence. Tic-Tac skate school does just that. Tom, the head coach, leaves every skater to find their own level of risk until they dare. And they do!

The TalksforTeens team went to Tic-Tac skateschool to film Tom and the kids in action. Watch the interview with Tom and imagine going down the ramp yourself. Could you do it?

With special thanks to @mayamoz @livcapocci and of course Tom and @tictacskateschool

3 Reasons Why Playing Bridge Is A Smart Move

Playing Bridge makes you a clever clog. It improves (1) your numeracy, (2) your memory and (3) your communication skills. And it's a fast and fun game too. Yaniv is the man to teach you the tricks.

Time + Creativity: How The Pandemic Made Us Entrepreneurs

The pandemic has changed a lot about the world we live in – some for the worse, and some for the better. But one thing that has really emerged from the endless lockdowns is an increase in people setting up their own businesses online.


Feeling Pressure? Facts To Be Resilient By Laurence Shorter

Agggrh, that feeling of being about to explode or yell at someone or throw your revision in the bin. Or maybe even doing it, because we feel so stressed and want to do something about it.

Jar Of Capacity

We all have times in our life when we have a lot on our plate, while other times are less busy. How can we greet these moments of plenty, maintaining our focus and relishing the challenges and opportunities they bring?

Can Girls Box? You Bet

What comes to mind when you think of boxing? One image surely is that of two sweaty, grunting, bare-chested men having it out in a boxing ring, oozing aggression and pounding one another with painful punches.

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