Feeling pressure? Facts to be resilient by Laurence Shorter

Agggrh, that feeling of being about to explode or yell at someone or throw your revision in the bin. Or maybe even doing it, because we feel so stressed and want to do something about it.

Overloading creates a lot of stress and this then causes our body to go in fight or flight mode. We start exaggerating and dramatising things that are not bothering us in ‘normal’ circumstances.

Laurence Shorter in this video talks about resilience and stress and tried very hard to keep it short (forgive the pun).

About Laurence. Laurence has had multiple careers, which reflect his diverse talents. He has been a management consultant, a banker, an entrepreneur, a stand-up comedian and in the last 15 years has written 3 books.

Laurence is a clever and cool individual, who dared to change and move out of careers that he discovered were not for him, despite making quite a success of each. The road between each of these life stages was bumpy and emotionally very challenging. The insights gathered on the bumps in the road, resulted in the ‘Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life’. Laurence’s latest book.

Laurence today is a public speaker and coach and knows a thing or two about stress, courage and resilience. Watch his video here.

Contact Laurence at: Shorter@shorter.com

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‘The Optimist’

‘One Man’s Search for the Brighter Side of `Life’

‘The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life’