Be the main character you were always meant to be by Romanticising your Life

By Teen Blogger: Nina
Social Media Link: @carolinaatani

If you have ever wished that your life would be more like some amazing book you read or your all-time favorite movie, then read on. It might sound a bit cliché, however this is no longer just an unreachable dream, but a very attainable reality. The key to achieve it: Romanticising.

We tend to spend a great deal of time looking at the lives of others who seem to have it all: the perfect looks, the perfect social life, the perfect friends, plus perfect achievement. You name it, they’ve got it. From your favorite YouTuber who travels the world, to that uber-stunning New York model, or even the family member who seems to have it all figured it out seamlessly. But in admiring the successes of others, perhaps we forget to cherish our own lives and appreciate all that we have. We’re always trying to get ahead, to get higher grades, to get a better job, a better partner, better friendships - but rarely do we sit back and reflect on everything good we already have.

This is where Romanticising comes in. Romanticising basically means turning the mundane, daily tasks, into something wonderful and enjoyable. You will surely have noticed that the word “romance” is in there. Why? Because it is a way to make you ‘fall in love’ with your life. Think how you might do things if you starred in a romantic movie: with style and flair.

Here's how to achieve it:

Enjoy the ordinary

We all tend to fall into the routine of "work, eat, sleep, repeat”. Consequently, routines become blurred and tiring and we might feel as if our life is something that ‘we are stuck in’. However, the truth is that our lives are unique and special, and every moment should be cherished. It’s time to look at small tasks and daily activities in a new light, so as to enjoy and treasure each instant. Romanticising is about finding pleasure in these little things.

For instance you can put some music on and dance while rearranging your closet, or enjoy a hot chocolate whilst doing your work; you could have a quiet night in by yourself reading a favourite book. Or appreciate the simplicity of stirring pasta in a pot of boiling water maybe, or the feel of fresh clean sheets; perhaps feeling the cold breeze the moment you step out the door. I know that all these moments sound ‘romantic’ written like this and you might think that in real life they are just boring, every day, obligatory tasks. But these little things are what make up a big part of our life. To enjoy them is to enjoy life more, to its fullest. To make every meaningless task a happy memory. Maybe start filming parts of your day, making a video memory you can look back at and enjoy.

Start to commit

Try to commit to an action or an activity per day; go through a task and feel the satisfaction of checking something off your “to-do list”. But also put yourself first sometimes too: do what feels right for you, what you enjoy. Even just wearing a special outfit for a change, or playing with silly accessories and funky colored lipstick. If you always dreamed of owning a fashion brand you could learn how to sew, try some tutorials online, look up small fashion businesses and ask for advice from others. Take the plunge.

Invest in yourself

Romanticising is also a way to discover the beauty of small aesthetic things such as scented candles, room decorations, plants and lighting. It might seem silly, but these small things can really help to cheer you up and make you feel better after a stressful day. Remember, we are trying to make your dream movie a realityso don’t be scared to make small investments.

Thoughtful acts, small gifts, occasional surprises for ourselves can help us appreciate our days more, even if they are spent alone. Romanticising is a personal journey; it teaches us that being on our own does not mean being lonely, but rather, it is essential to take time for ourselves, to grow.

Overall, romanticising your life is a fancy way of saying you take the mundane, daily task, and turn it into something wonderful. It's all about turning the ordinary, into the extraordinary because every day has the potential to be a memorable day. It is about taking in every simple moment and cherishing it, emphasizing it, and learning to appreciate it. Remember, if we are happy with the small things in life, we will always have an anchor, a positive view, and won’t feel down, when things don’t go as planned.

So allow yourself to practice the art of romanticising and transform your life into the best movie you ever watched.