3 Reasons Why Playing Bridge Is A Smart Move

Playing Bridge makes you a clever clog. It improves (1) your numeracy, (2) your memory and (3) your communication skills (SEE OUR BLOG WHY CLEVER KIDS PLAY BRIDGE). And it's a fast and fun game too. Yaniv is the man to teach you the tricks. He is a former Bridge World Champion and a member of the Israell Bridge Federation and – after 25 years of teaching Bridge – one of the the most amazing Bridge teachers around.

Yaniv explains the essence of the game in the video below and offers a masterclass of 3 speedy Bridge sessions, exclusively with TalksforTeens, on Wednesdays and Sundays in June and July from 5.30 to 6.25pm. Cost £ 35.

Sign up at info@talksforteens.com or contact@talksforteens.com