TalksForTeens Reader Testimonials

Just a few kind words that our readers of TalksForTeens say about our platform and content.

“TalksforTeens is a great opportunity to read articles written by people my own age and it is interesting to read a view different from the traditional media. I like the broad range of topics such as the financial markets, innovations and travel.” (UCL student)
“Listened to one of your podcasts again. They are all amazing and I love that they are so short!!!” (VIth Form student)
“We are happy to collaborate with TalksforTeens”. (Head of VIth Form college)
“I really liked your articles on the Metaverse and Roblox. Very well explained. Much better than other articles I have read on the subject.” (Parent)
“I have had a look at your website and the video about boxing. It looks great and very inspiring. I mentioned it to my pupils who box and they all had a look while they were finishing my geography lesson!” (Teacher)
“It was an honour to be asked to participate in this exciting new platform. The information gaps that TalksforTeens are bridging are important ones for our kids. It also gives me food for thought on what to discuss at the next family meal”. (Parent)
“I loved the article about How exercise makes you smarter. It spurred me on to work out more often and I will absolutely tell my children what a gift to the brain their exercise is. It will motivate them even more.” (Parent)