The future of networking is contactless: EasyTap is leading the way.

By Teen Blogger: Nina
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Nowadays, everything works through networking. It allows you to expand your contacts and exchange information, to open doors to new opportunities for business and career advancement.

One young company particularly stands out for its simple concept, with over 16k followers on Instagram: EasyTap!

Recently, I had the chance to talk with EasyTap’s CEO and founder Riccardo Facciolongo, a smart 20-year-old from Rome, who now studies Business Management & Economics at the University of Westminster in London. I asked him more about his startup specialised in networking.

Riccardo Facciolongo of EasyTap

Basically, EasyTap is the next generation business card. It is compacted in a small sticker that you can put on the back of your phone or a simple card that you can carry in your wallet. With just one tap you can instantly share your contact details, social media, any websites, payments info, links and much more. It works with both iPhone and Android devices, and the other person doesn’t need an App or EasyTap to receive information from you.

EasyTap is highly popular among both students and entrepreneurs. It’s the quickest and simplest way of exchanging contacts and can be used by anyone, without wasting time on writing down long phone numbers or complicated social media usernames. Not only does EasyTap enable you to save time and money but as Riccardo explains, it is also good for the environment: no need for thousands of printed paper business cards that lead to unnecessary waste, when you can have the same result with a simple tap.

EasyTap is the next generation business card

Such an easy concept might seem obvious but still, Riccardo was the first to think of digitising something as classic as business cards. “It all started one year ago when I moved to London to start university,” he explains. “As I took the Underground every morning, I was fascinated by the contactless payment system. It was quick and efficient. I simply needed my phone to travel around, something very uncommon in Italy. At the time, I was also meeting a lot of people through university events. This is when I thought of combining contactless with networking.”

Riccardo spotted the potential for expanding contactless to social environments: “I wanted to find a way people could connect without wasting time,” he explained. He started to do research and studied NFC technology (which is strongly connected to contactless technology) and a few months later, EasyTap was born.

It wasn’t an easy journey. However, Riccardo already had experience in successful business development, so EasyTap was in good hands from the start. “I am grateful I didn’t give up and now we are a team of fifteen people. Our current goal is to create an environment in which all employees are enabled and stimulated to work together at their highest potential. We aim to keep this mindset as the core goal of our company,” he explains.

As for recent successes, EasyTap took part in the ‘Big Idea Santander Competition’, a contest that encourages students and graduates to advance their entrepreneurial skills; it came 6th in the best start-up category out of hundreds of businesses. “Thanks to the feedback we received from the judges, I was inspired to create a summer internship programme for students,” Riccardo explains. “We interviewed more than 150 applicants and hired the best 35.”

The EasyTap team managed to create three different departments, led by expert tutors, to improve the students’ learning experiences. “We expect to have other internship opportunities so, stay tuned, maybe you will join us!” he exclaims. How exciting!

He also encourages everyone with an idea to take the leap and try to launch their own start-up: “Think big, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and intuitions - and keep moving forwards with the drive to win. Don’t give up and enjoy the adventure!” Riccardo advises.

Finally, I asked him about the future of his company, and I wasn’t disappointed with the answer: “In the next few years, we aim to be the leading company in the digital business cards market.

Future goals include launching new products with the same technology, but this time in collaboration with restaurants, shops, and venues. “This will allow businesses to share their own information and have a direct and new way to interact with customers.

Everything will work in the same simple way: by tapping or scanning the device, customers will be able have access to a business’ details, without the need for an app. This will expand EasyTap’s target audience from individuals to businesses.

With an interesting past and bright future, I am eager to see how EasyTap will play out and I wish the company the best of luck!

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