Jeremy Scheck, the student TikToker just doing his thing

He’s had over 65 million likes on his TikTok videos and gathered more than 2 million followers, thanks to his love of cooking. When the world went into lockdown over the coronavirus, Jeremy Scheck went into the kitchen.

Scheck is studying Food Science and Languages at New York’s Cornell University and has been running a successful blog, ScheckEats, since he was at High School. He wants his future to be a career making content centred around food, and it seems that the pandemic and the mass move to online platforms, has given him a leg-up.

"I was sent home early from college last semester, I was stuck at home with nothing to do, and I just started making videos to kind of pass the time," he told NBC's Gadi Schwartz.

His roast potato recipe (English style: par-boiled before roasting), became a social media sensation, attracting nearly 20 million viewers, including a like from Kylie Jenner. Note that Scheck does put his own signature spin on them though: “Most British ‘roasties’ recipes peel the potatoes,” Scheck says. “I happen to think the crispy skin is the best part and I hate peeling potatoes, so I just leave them on.”

Scheck’s channel is described as one of the most hyped food channels on TikTok. What he offers is not just good recipes, but also something educational too - especially about Italian food - and we all love to learn new facts.

The refreshing thing about TikTok is that it has an algorithm which rewards content above all else. And what makes starting your own channel relatively easy is that it’s very low cost; there’s no need for a specialist camera operator as you can simply use your phone.

Reaching an audience has never been more accessible. TikTok has over 800 million monthly active users, according to a report by Forbes. Viewers love watching content from people like them who run successful accounts, and profit off just being themselves.

As Scheck illustrates, caring about what you do is key; “It was definitely cool, but I would have been even more psyched had it been a famous chef,” he says of his Jenner ‘like’. That shows where his values lie, not in the fame, but in the love of cooking.

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