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Fast Facts: Football IQ

  • Executive Function (and football IQ) is not fully developed until you’re 25
  • Top level footballers are born with extremely high Executive Function abilities
  • It’s about making a plan and implementing it, in a milli-second
  • You can learn ways to compensate (for lower football IQ) and you can build strategies to improve, through experience
  • The most important mental skill is the ability to be flexible: to have an idea but be able to change it as necessary

Fast facts & trivia sports

  • Football is the most popular sport in the world with a total of 265 million people playing it worldwide.
  • The world’s richest football clubs are 1. FC Barcelona. 2. Real Madrid. 3. Bayern München 4. Manchester United and 5. Liverpool. All are valued over $4 billion.
  • A football pitch must be between 90 and 120 meters long and between 40 and 90 meters wide. The preferred size for professional pitches is 105 meters long by 68 meters wise.
  • Football IQ means a player can think quickly and clearly. There is a direct link between cognitive ability and the number of goals or assists.
  • The top goals scorers of all-time are Cristiano Ronaldo with 803 goals, followed by Pelé with 765 and Messi with 759 goals.