How To Get involved With Crypto Investing: Without The Scams That Is

A lot of young people are interested in crypto currencies and 18- to 24-year-olds are the group owning more cryptos than any other age group. But there is some controversy about the crypto currencies and there are some dodgy websites offering trades. So how to invest the legit way?

TalksforTeens spoke to Jamie Tier, now 19, who started trading in cryptos at age 17. He explains what interested him about crypto currencies, what his trading strategies are as well as what his biggest mistakes have been.

Investing in crypto before age 18, the age you can open an account, is not advised as you will have to buy directly from others instead of via established exchanges, exposing yourself to potential scams. So, if you want to invest before 18, ask your parents to help you.

Listen to the podcast with Jamie here. With special thanks to @jamie_tier and @mayamoz.

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