Football IQ

Football stars – the ones who make it to the very top – have high football IQ. What we mean by that is that they have an innate ability to make a game-changing decision in a milli-second; they can consider all the variables and outsmart their opponents by planning and carrying out the right moves, in an instant.

Their giftedness in Executive Function, as it’s known, alongside their outstanding athleticism of course, puts them in a league of their own.

We spoke to Swedish Cognitive Neuroscientist and Psychologist, Torbjorn Vestberg, who has studied the likes of all-time greats like Iniesta and Xavi and who, among other interesting facts, explains how Executive Function is not fully developed until 25.

Listen to the podcast here. With special thanks to Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and @luke_wolstenholme.

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