Contactless contact sharing: simple and totally genius. EasyTap it

No more putting your number in someone’s phone; that was yesterday’s way of doing things. As a young foreign student in the UK, Riccardo was struck by the easiness of tapping a payment card – whether a digital or physical card – to pay for your journey on the London transportation network. You tap, you travel.

Why not do the same with our contact details? Why were there no digital ‘business’ cards to share our contact with those we want to share them with? Why spelling out our Instagram or TikTok accounts or typing our names and numbers into someone’s phone? There had to be a simpler and easier solution, just like the tapping a payment card to access the tube.

This was the start of EasyTap, the first digital business card set up in 2020 by Riccardo Facciolongo.

TalksforTeens spoke to Riccardo on how he set up the business at age only 19; how he combines running a startup with his studies and what is next for EasyTap. Listen to this fascinating podcast with Riccardo here.

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