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Listen to the brand new TalksforTeens, short Podcast series, featuring a range of non-curricular topics of what is new, exciting and relevant now; from sports, to startups, future jobs, tech & trends, financial markets, economics, fashion, mental health and more…

Rowing Your Way To College

Do you want to know how to combine sports and academic work? Or, how to get a sports scholarship to US colleges?

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Social media gets a lot of bad press. Justified?

Social media gets a lot of bad press, but Izzy, a Psychology student says social media can also be a source of positivity

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From side-hustle to start-up; the story of 28 Vintage with Harry Hunt

Who hasn’t bought or sold something on Depop? We are all Depop fans and some of us are buy a lot of stuff on it. And why not?

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Startup Story: HYBR. How to get going with a good idea.

TalksforTeens talks to Hannah Chappatte, founder of the startup HYBR, a disruptor in the student housing market.

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How to manage a portfolio career

Laurence Shorter in this Podcast talks about his ‘portfolio career’. Laurence has had multiple careers, which reflect his diverse talents.

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