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Listen to the brand new TalksforTeens, short Podcast series, featuring a range of non-curricular topics of what is new, exciting and relevant now; from sports, to startups, future jobs, tech & trends, financial markets, economics, fashion, mental health and more…

Balancing school life while starting a career in sport at a young age

What it takes to balance school life while starting a career in sport from a young age, as well as how the mindset of athlete teenagers may differ from that of non-athlete teenagers.

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It started as a hobby, but it turned a foodie into a mega influencer

Felicity Spector has a 1st Class degree from Cambridge, she was a Harvard scholar and now she has more than 100K followers on Instagram

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Writing is limitless

Deciding to do English at University? 17-year-old Myles Beckles chats about his love of writing and why he’s chosen to study English at university next year.

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Skwad is an exciting new skin-care range developed especially for teenagers

Skwad is for both boys and girls and it fills a gap in the market, as Elise describes in this podcast.

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How Gap Years Can Be The Bee’s Knees

Gap years may invoke images of back-packing travel around the world for students and invoke ideas of wasted time by parents. But gap years can be a very productive time-out. A time to stop the exam treadmill for a while; to reflect on what to do going forward.

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Why we flex: whether you’re a GOAT or not, it’s easy to gloat on social media

With special thanks to Luke Wolstenholme and Pascal Wallisch

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How being the big fish in a small pond can be a recipe for confidence and success

We all want our child to go to the best possible - read academic - school, but not always does the best school provide the best fit.

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Balancing your passion and your studies

Transitioning from the nurturing school environment to the big wide world of university.

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Turning Eco Anxiety Into Agency; Force of Nature

Feeling eco-anxious? Or worse eco-phobic? Force of Nature gets it. Force of Nature is a non-profit run by young people for young people.

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Rubbish Fashion: Why Clothes Do Not Have To Cost The Earth

In this Podcast we talk to Frankie Phillips, the founder of the recent start-up the Rubbish Fashion Company and speaker at COP26 about fashion’s impact on the environment.

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