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Listen to the brand new TalksforTeens, short Podcast series, featuring a range of non-curricular topics of what is new, exciting and relevant now; from sports, to startups, future jobs, tech & trends, financial markets, economics, fashion, mental health and more…

Interview with Isabella Kwiecinski, founder of jewellery start-up Pongo.

TalksforTeens spoke with Isabella about her jewellery start-up Pongo.

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Starting your bizz. “Your mind is your most powerful weapon”

Starting your bizz. “Your mind is your most powerful weapon” Mohamed Suwaid talks to TalksforTeens about why he quit his graduate banking job in London to become a full-time entrepreneur and a 6-figure agency owner.

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Getting you on a bike

Do you fancy trying Triathlon? World Champion Alistair Brownlee talks about how triathlons are becoming increasingly popular.

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How Years ‘Out’ can be life changing. Thinking about a Gap Year. Do it!

Oscar Jefferson read History at university and upon graduation had a perfect good job. But then, relatively out of the blue, he decided to take a ‘gap year’, took time off from his job, packed his bags and jetted to China to teach English.

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Football IQ

Football stars – the ones who make it to the very top – have high football IQ. What we mean by that is that they have an innate ability to make a game-changing decision in a milli-second; they can consider all the variables and outsmart their opponents by planning and carrying out the right moves, in an instant.

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Teens and Mental Wellbeing; keeping strong under stress

TalksforTeens spoke to Charlotte Barton, founder of the TalkingTree, a teen counselling and coaching consultant about these pressures on the 16-to-18-year-olds and how to help with the transition from school to the wider world.

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Contactless contact sharing: simple and totally genius. EasyTap it

No more putting your number in someone’s phone; that was yesterday’s way of doing things. As a young foreign student in the UK, Riccardo was struck by the easiness of tapping a payment card – whether a digital or physical card – to pay for your journey on the London transportation network. You tap, you travel.

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How To Get involved With Crypto Investing: Without The Scams That Is

A lot of young people are interested in crypto currencies and 18- to 24-year-olds are the group owning more cryptos than any other age group. But there is some controversy about the crypto currencies and there are some dodgy websites offering trades. So how to invest the legit way?

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Serial entrepreneur and influencer shares her story

TalksforTeens spoke to Lucy about starting her businesses and what her top tips are for budding entrepreneurs.

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Why Teenagers Are, In Fact, Not Lazy.

Do you feel like you’re always sleepy at school and find yourself lying in on a weekend?

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