If you’re not already, be spontaneous!

Spontaneity, along with characteristics like creativity, curiosity and a sense of humour, helps us to be happier, more energetic and self-confident. Plus, when it comes to solving difficult problems, these are some of the traits that enable our minds to think in a more original, creative way.

When we are spontaneous, we do something purely for the fun of it; the key ingredient is that there was no planning. Somehow, these spur of the moment activities often bring about the most joy. I once visited Mt. Snowdon in Wales with no intention of climbing it (at 1000 metres high, it’s the tallest mountain in Wales), and we started wandering around the foothills. But then, spontaneity took over and we started to walk up, eventually reaching the summit. Totally unplanned, it was a very refreshing and rewarding exercise. Above all, it was FUN.

Humans are creatures of habit, but letting go of routine and doing something just because you feel like it, can bring you immense happiness and satisfaction. It is a licence to express joy.

Here are some ways you can become more spontaneous, if you find you’re lacking it and life feels a little bit too predictable or a little flat:

Don’t sit on autopilot

We get into the habit of repeating our routines day in and day out. We don’t stop to think if we would rather do it differently occasionally. For example, if you always make your morning coffee in the same way at the same time, try to get a takeaway coffee for a change and on the way, stop and smell the roses.

Switch your day around

Routines are good and important. They make us function well and keep us on the straight and narrow. But sometimes, it’s a good idea to switch things around. Perhaps take an early morning run, enjoying the mist and birdsong, or change the morning shower to a night-time relaxing bath. Small changes to the daily routine can cheer us up and prevent a sense of monotony.

Mix-up meals from time to time

Get yourself a seasonal box delivered and make a meal out of whatever is in it. Alternatively, go to the supermarket and pick up some ingredients without pre-planning or looking at a recipe – just grab whatever you fancy on impulse.

Watch something you're not normally drawn to

Check out the foreign language films for instance (with sub-titles). Different cultures produce very different film styles.

Listen to music and dance

Blast the music and DJ for yourself, your family or friends. Get up and dance!

It’s also worth remembering that spontaneous people tend to be more flexible, more able to ‘go with the flow’ and follow a plan B, when plan A fails. They are more enthusiastic and live for the moment, seizing opportunities to have a bit of fun. Give it a go!

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