Digital Marketing: how your social media skills can make a great career

In our grand digital transformation, it is no surprise that the way people buy and sell products and services is constantly changing. Digital marketing is one of the largest rising fields in the job market, and now many universities are offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in it. But you are already good at this. All these hours spent on social media and ‘managing’ your own accounts as well as time spent gaming, may set you up for great advantages in the jobs market.

The digital sphere has created a wealth of jobs that are specifically tailored for young people to succeed in.

So how, in an era in which social media and e-commerce sites present customers with everything they’re looking for at the click of a button, do marketers engage consumers in a conversation, creating real relationships (buzz word is ‘communities’) and brand loyalty?

Enter the role of the social media strategist!

With just over 61% of global consumers using social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, ( companies have figured out that a social media strategist is a key role in any organisation.

As a result, social media strategists are some of the most sought-after marketing specialists today. And many digital marketing specialists attain very senior positions while often still in their twenties.

A social media strategist should have creative skills, like graphic design, copy-writing and video production, as well as analytic skills such as data measuring and application.

The day-to-day operations for a social media strategist require them to wear a lot of hats – they are essentially the creative, analytical and executive bridge between a company and the consumer.

Here are some top tips for getting started in digital marketing:

  1. Use Social Media Apps: Since digital marketing uses social media a great deal, it makes sense to have a solid grasp of the various apps and platforms, as well as how they are used. Experience with all of the main forms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat is a necessity.
  2. Understand Metrics: Metrics are crucial in the world of digital marketing, after all, businesses need to be able to track their campaigns to see if they are actually working or not. These metrics such as followers, or the number of people who have clicked onto your website can be broken down into categories including gender, location and age – making them an incredibly useful tool for tracking your outreach and progress! Metrics allow for precision marketing and a very tangible idea of ‘reach’ and effectiveness.
  3. Keep Up with Trends: When it comes to the digital world, some things change all the time. Augmented and virtual reality allow for the creation of content that fuses marketing and gaming, a trend set to accelerate. Balenciaga for example, debuted their Autumn & Winter 2020/2021 Collection as a video game.
  4. Be Able to Understand & Discuss SEO: SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for digital marketing. This part of the field takes the job outside of social media. Make sure you understand how SEO works and how to find the best keywords to use for your content in order to drive search traffic to your site.
  5. Have Solid Writing Skills: Solid writing skills are a must-have! It’s hard for anyone to get into digital marketing if they are unable to write up paragraphs of information!
  6. Experience matters! As with any job, professional experience is necessary! Internships are a great starting-point, or even marketing your own blog or podcast!

Finally, it is also important to remember that despite the exponential growth of digital marketing and advertising, the traditional methods are not entirely discarded (yet). Keeping up with all the latest trends while integrating the old is key for marketing success!

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