Why Independent musicians like the Ampligo app

We may often wonder what our future will look like… what will change and what will disappear from our lives. I believe that there is one aspect that we can focus on, to get a glimpse of what’s coming our way: start-ups. Nowadays we see more and more start-ups emerging – which demonstrate new trends - mostly created by young people that show a lot of promise in modernising various sectors, for instance the music industry.

Recently I had the chance to talk to Andrea Malenchini, a 21-year-old from Milan, to ask him all about his project: Ampligo.

Ampligo is a tech platform that helps independent artists and labels to increase their audience without the need to sign deals with big music corporations.

In short, you can submit your song on the site - and then thanks to a highly developed data analysis algorithm that assesses everything right from the history of the artist to the very preferences of the listeners - Ampligo creates a unique targeted marketisation to enable the long-term growth of the submitted music.

Big words and concepts aside, what’s incredible about this project is its history, where it came from, where it’s going and what it means for the future of music.

To learn more about this promising start-up, let’s see what inspired Andrea. First he told me all about his passion for music and performing, and about how he discovered the nuts and bolts of the music industry. Before launching his start-up, Andrea was already busy working with a friend on his own record label, where he would sign small artists.

As they grew and attracted more attention, he was able to truly study the industry and learn from the various communities; subsequently he came up with a new passion project that would fill a gap: rather than a label, he decided to create a platform made to help artists grow.

“There is a lack of offering of this kind of service and unfortunately the ones that exist are often scams,” he explains. “Usually this is the job of record labels but they are known to be quite aggressive.” He tells me how a record label can claim huge parts of the revenue stream (as much as 80%) and often can take charge of the artists: rejecting tracks, refusing projects and more.

“I wanted to create something new, transparent and reliable, that shares the information with the artist themself,” Andrea tells me. He explains how he didn’t complete his university degree, but rather preferred to focus on this project, for which he acquired experience along the way: “Everything is a learning process,” he says.

Until recently, they worked privately with existing clients and obtained great results, helping artists and their songs go viral. Andrea describes a client in Spain whose song gained more than a million views overnight. Now with a bigger team, a solid reputation and excellent reviews, Ampligo is soon to be launched publicly - “I can’t wait to expand to new platforms and meet new artists.”

This is a great story involving passionate creators and an advanced skillset; Ampligo brings us to a new era in the music industry. Artists are no longer forced to commit to a record label, but can now seek marketing from these public platforms. It will be very interesting to see the repercussions of Ampligo and similar start-ups on the music industry.

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