About TalksForTeens

The What, Why and Who That's Behind The Features & Information Platform For Forward Thinking Teens & Tweens


TalksForTeens presents teens and tweens with information and features that shape the world of today and tomorrow. A single point information platform to read and hear about topics often not taught at school. TalksforTeens selects and edits topics in 10 different categories to engage, inspire and encourage our readers to explore the topics further via the links and sources provided with each article or video.


With the school curriculum mostly unchanged for the last 50 odd years, many topics relevant to this generation remain out of exam syllabuses. Schools are busy enough teaching and testing the required curriculum material and may not have time to venture into the off-curricular. TalksForTeens aims to bridge the gap between school and the outside world by presenting content for today’s teens and tweens that is relevant and to the point in our rapidly changing and exciting new world.


With over 30 years combined experience in finance and journalism and as parents to tweens and teens ourselves, we are excited to launch TalksForTeens - showcasing and bringing together what we are passionate about – learning and discovering. Having a safe and fun information platform dedicated to serving the highly diverse teenage community, is what we wanted for our own children. This is why we founded TalksforTeens.

Content & content policy

TalksForTeens aims to be foremost a safe platform. It has a defined set of age appropriate apolitical and ad-free content, produced in the form of blogs and short videos by the TalksforTeens editorial team. TalksforTeens does not produce news. Blogs are written in a fresh and positive style and look at the opportunities rather than at the difficulties of the world around us. Blogs will always have clearly attributed, reputable and checked sources & links allowing for further, independent exploration.